Looking for ULRIXA

For the Apprentice Master  program by Kunstpodium T, Eva van Ooijen (me), Ivo van den Baar, Karma Hamed, Nicole Driessens, Sixin Zeng and Wout Peeters decided to go looking for a collective artist identity that they named ULRIXA.   

One step from shame:

For this exhibition, I contemplated ULRIXA’s oeuvre. When looking at established artists, their body of work always seems organized and logical. If there are any twists and turns, there is an explanation. Thinking back on the 20 years of my career and trying to find a red thread through it, the works that kept popping up into my head were the ones that I was ashamed of.

I decided to make a new work for this exhibition using one of these unsatisfactory pieces and asked all other participating artists to share one piece of work that they were not happy with/ashamed of.
I approached these works as an archive, trying to find a new connection to them by intuitively molding them into new works. With the time pressure of making these works, the possibility of shame and failure were always lurking in my mind.

Is it art yet?

In this installation, I not only challenge the artist oeuvre but also the exhibition format. Because what is an exhibition anyway? A short moment in time, of which only pictures will be left. I decided to get ahead of that, the works already in a storage unit, only part of them visible. The documentation of the exhibition is also on show.

Pictures: Margo van de Pas

One step from shame:

Two steps from shame: