Dear Dr. A.

Let me give you a tour around this installation.
If you have any questions please raise your hand.
This is a work by Eva van Ooijen shown at the In Pending Waters Exhibit, in the Helena, Den Hague.



Who are all these faces? Possibly Dr. A., this scientist Eva van Ooijen is obsessed with.

  From All these faces she chose the most likeley suspects. 

Candidate 5 wil read you the beginning of Dr. A.’s book Amazonas. In wich he describes his experience traveling there. 

This is a file with a correspondence between the artist and Dr. A. But also with Ton who is in posession of part of the Dr. A. collection.

This is Dr. A. explaining how he took them from th Amazone:
‘No, I have not made arrangements for that.

I have told you that in Egypt the matter is regulated, to the extent that anything of significance dug up there becomes the property of the country. In South America it may be similar on paper, but I can assure you that in the area where I have been, people do not know very much about this arrangement in practice. I don't think I will have any trouble with that.’

Thank you for following this introduction into Eva van Ooijen’s work. I hope you enjoyed it.