It’s a Bird. No, it’s a Swan.
An attempt to capture Loes. 

Eva van Ooijen, ft. Mindy Lamers, ft. Loes.

This work is about Loes, an artist who spent her life in obscurity.

Unable to capture the essence of Loes, curator Mindy Lamers never executed her plans for a monographic exhibition about the artist. When Eva van Ooijen discovered Mindy's plans it was clear to her that these needed to be shown. By exhibiting these models Eva wants to call attention to Loes’ artworks that  are impressive and allusive at the same time because of their variety in styles and mediums.

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Graduation show, Master Artistic Research, KABK, 2022 (pictures ©Gert Jan van Rooij)

Email Exchange between Mindy Lamers and Eva van Ooijen: