Digital Artist Residency (2020)

The month of March I participated in a digital artist residency. 

I used this residency to explore cyber pilgrimages and online religion, inspired by the book ‘Doing Ritual Criticism in a Network Society: Online and Offline Explorations into Pilgrimage and Sacred Place’ by Paul Post and Suzanne van der Beek. During this residency the Corona virus broke out in the Netherlands and the first lockdown started. Online religion became more coman as more and more churches started to stream there services to the internet. And preachers started to preaching from their homes. 

To see more of my research visit the residency page: 

Home Devotion

Inspired by the rise of online churches due to the Corona virus I decided on making my own shrine at home and take it online. Fight the fear by lighting candles. Not able to leave my house because of a cold I use what I can find and make it accessible to the public 24/7 on YouTube.

People Are Googling Prayer

Collages made from screenshots of online sermons during the first lockdown due to the corona virus.