Eva van Ooijen is a photographer who grew up in Zutphen, where she attended a Waldorf School. This is where the groundwork was laid for her aesthetic view on the world. In 2009 she got her photography degree from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht.

In her work she plays with images and the stories they tell. By combining, collecting and bending images around she puts them in a new perspective. She looks at the modern world like an archaeologist examining reoccurring themes and trends. Bringing things to the surface that go unnoticed. 


Mentor Fotoacademie
Artist Residency in Motherhood (01-11-2016 t/m 31-12-2018)
Lid Kunstenaarsvereniging Sint Lucas


2010-2012  Prognosis styling at The Artemis Academy
2005-2009 Bachelor of Design in Photography


24-03-2018 Josilda da Conceição Gallery - Fragmented Traveling

12.2017 This Art Fair, Fragmented Traveling
07.2017 De Torenkamer Expo, Horizontale Vluchtigheid
03.2017  Fotoacademie Amsterdam, Archief
03.2017  Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Nasty Women Amsterdam
01.2017 Artist in residency, Radio 4, Opium, De Torenkamer
02.2016 Rietveldtheater, Delft (Brief Encounters)
01.2014 Foam cafe, Amsterdam (Photo Light Festival Amsterdam)
06.2012 De Doelen, Rotterdam (Red)
10.2011 Kunstfactor Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam (Check Me Out!)
07.2011 Ruim Denken, Zutphen (Born this Way)
04.2011 Women Dek22, Rotterdam (Born this Way)
09.2010 ‘Ala Gitane’ CBK, Rotterdam (Self-portrait La Gitane)
10.2009 Roodharigendag Breda, (Serie Red)
06.2009 Graduation exhibition Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht (Check me Out! – Connective Tissue)


2012 Master class Diana Blok
12.2009: Mr. Motley Winner Talent Award with the portrait of Erik from the ‘Connective Tissue’ series.