De Torenkamer

I participated in a Dutch artist-in-residency program of 5 days called "De Torenkamer". This residency is part of the radio show Opium and takes place in a beautiful tower room at the Vondelpark. My plan for the program was to walk and investigate two pilgrimages in Amsterdam and take my findings to create my own sanctuary in “De Torenkamer”. This will be part of my ongoing project ‘Looking for Solace’. Both the pilgrimages I walked had something to do with The Miraculous.
vrouwe van alle volkeren018

Seeing Through Photographs

I started to collect the pages that spoke to me the most and instead of making a photogram like Heinecken I put them in the scanner and scanned them as if they were a negative. This has the effect of fusing the front and back of the page together just like a photogram would do. I now have a small series, from which a selection of three are shown below.

Poezieplaatjes (ongoing)

Ik vind het belangrijk om de vagina in al zijn vormen en maten een beter imago te geven.

Born This Way

While creating the self portrait series ‘Born This Way’ I was inspired by a quote I read in the book ‘Ways Of Seeing’ by John Berger. “Men act and Women Appear. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.”

Check Me Out!

This is a series about the current beauty model, which after years of being dominated by fashion, starts to conform itself more and more to images of the porn industry. This is something you can see on social networking sites such as Hyves. The girls that I have been photographing, I have approached through their profiles on Hyves and while photographing was inspired by there profile pictures.