Looking for Solace

I am working on a project ‘Looking for Solace’ in which I am on a search for hope. After my son was born the idea of death became hard for me to accept. Being alive was never so important. I investigate rituals, belief, the miraculous, chance… All with the underlying question, how can I, and how do others live with de knowledge that life is ending.






Life is fragile.


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Seeing Through Photographs

I recently finished the MoMa course ‘Seeing Through Photographs’ and was inspired by the lessons and work of Robert Heinecken.

In his serie ‘Are You Rea’ he takes magazine pages and by making a photogram of them he fuses the front and the back of the page together into one image.

When looking in magazines now I am not interested in the single images, but in what happens when turning the page to the light, and, by doing so, fusing the front and the back of the page together into one image. What does this new image look like and what does it tell me?

I started to collect the pages that spoke to me the most and instead of making a photogram like Heinecken I put them in the scanner and scanned them as if they were a negative. This has the effect of fusing the front and back of the page together just like a photogram would do. I now have a small series, from which a selection is shown below.





Nieuw & Oud

Momenteel verdiep ik mij in de antroposofie voor een fotoproject waar ik mee bezig ben. Hierbij heb ik Johannes Kronenberg leren kennen die werkt voor de antroposofische jongeren vereniging. Vanuit deze vereniging werd het evenement Nieuw & Oud georganiseerd. Dit evenement had tot doel de rol van de jeugd in het begin van de 21ste eeuw te onderzoeken. Een mooie afsluiting van het jaar 2015. Het eerste dat mij bij aankomst opviel was de intense manier waarop mensen mij echt aankeken. Dit heb ik in een aantal portretten proberen vast te leggen. Dit heb ik gedaan met mijn analoge middenformaat camera.



portretten0061 copy

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